Nature Girl

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If any of my followers want to see specific nature things (for example a certain animal, country, landmark, a certain mountain or shoreline etc) I want to see it in my ask box and then I’ll try my best to get as many pictures of what you want on the blog. Just let me know :))

Trying to hide by FraEmer on Flickr.
smile … by mick cam on Flickr.
Lo spione by FraEmer on Flickr.
Mount Rainier from Sunrise by Bob Noble Photography on Flickr.
An Instagram Autumn by Jessie Reeder on Flickr.
couleurs d’automne… by mick cam on Flickr.
Face to face with the Robin by FraEmer on Flickr.
Oak Hammock Otter…#3 by Blackcat Photography on Flickr.
Ruby on the charge by kidda63 on Flickr.